Styrankentriceratops is a Triceratops hybrid with Styracosaurus frill-spikes, long epijugal bones (perhaps from a Bravoceratops), Ankylosaurus dorsal osteoderm armour, Kentosaurus shoulder spikes, dorsal spikes along its lower back and tail, which ends in an Ankylosaurus tail club with added Stegosaurus thagomizers.


Styra - ank - kent - triceratops

Here are these features listed in a dot point format for easier comprehension:

  • Triceratops as the base animal
    • Sturdy and powerful quadrupedal built
    • Strong armoured frill to protect the head and neck
    • Long dangerous supraoribital horns for a strong focused offense
  • Styracosaurus frill spikes
  • Bravoceratops epijugal bones
  • Ankylosaurus dorsal osteoderm armour
  • Kentosaurus shoulder spikes
    • Dorsal Kentosaurus spikes along its lower back
    • Kentosaurus spikes along its tail
  • An Ankylosaurus tail club

I may draw a picture of this hybrid creature and post it here later.

Ultimasaurus → Ankentyceraptosaurus

Ultimasaurus is a hybrid Tyrannosaurus from a JP toy line, it has a Triceratops frill and supraorbital horns with long epijugal bones under the eyes, Ankylosaurus dorsal osteoderm armour, a tail which ends in an Ankylosaurus tail club with added Stegosaurus thagomizers, long dextrous dromaeosaurid arms and falciform toe claws.

To round it out I would also add Kentosaurus shoulder spikes and dorsal spikes along its lower back and tail, as well as Therizinosaurus foreclaws, and I would call this revised hybrid Tyrannosaurus formerly known as Ultimasaurus, Ankentyceraptosaurus.


Ank - kent - ty - cera - rapto - saurus

In light of this, I suppose the previous iteration would have been more accurately named 'Penultimasaurus' instead teehee.

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