With the dinosaurs now on the mainland after the events of Fallen Kingdom, I currently question the possible fate of the Dinosaur Protection Group which was seen at the beginning of the film. Claire had founded it for the purpose of getting support through federal funding to save the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar from the eruption of Mount Sibo. Now that that was accomplished and the volcano has since erupted, there wouldn't be any need for the DPG anymore, and the current predicament of the escaped dinosaurs complicates things further.

The organization could shift their focus to the animal rights of the dinosaurs post-mainland-release, but they would need to a plan and way to justfy it. Currently, there's no concensus on what the best option would be to handle the mainland dinosaur situation, whether it be rounding up as many as possible and transporting them to a new island, or legally protecting them and letting them roam wild as if they were already part of the mainland ecosystems. In the case of the latter, I don't see the DPG getting as much support from the public as they did with their previous goal.

Presonally, I doubt we'll see the DPG again in Jurassic World III, but if we do, hopefully Claire will have thought of something useful for it to help the situation.