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Dinosaurs Replaced

Dreadnoughtus(replaced by Alamosasaurus)

Nasutoceratops(replaced by Triceratops)

Oviraptor(replaced by Anzu)

Iguanodon(replaced by Edmontosaurus)

Moros(replaced by a baby Dakotahraptor)

Giganotosaurus(replaced by another Tyrannosaurus Rex)


T.Rex skin impressions show it was scaly so in this Paleo-Accurate Prologue,all T.Rexes that appear will be completely scaly.


Alamosasauruses walk around a lake.Quetzalcoatlus and Pteranodon scavenge on a dinosaur corspe.An Ankylosaurus drinks water.Anzu gets inside a cave and eats an egg.A herd of Triceratops walk across a river.The jaw of a male Tyrannosaurus Rex is seen.A baby Dakotahraptor eats flesh stuck between the T.Rex's teeth before returning to it's parents.A Edmontosaurus looks at the T.Rex and leaves.Rexy arrivesThe two T.Rexes growl and roar.Rexy charges but the other T.Rex rams her.They struggle a bit but the other T.Rex bites Rexy's neck and she falls into the hole as the other T.Rex leaves.A mosquito feeds on Rexy's corspe.In present day,Rexy runs from a helicopter and walks into a drive-in theater before escaping into the wilderness.