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(this is ''after'' BABR)Since JWCC Seasons 1-4 have been released years ago,here's what LEGO:JWCC should be like:

New Playable Characters

  • Yasmina(Ablilities:None)
  • Kenji(Ablilities:None)
  • Brooklynn(Ablilities:None)
  • Darius(Ablilities:None)
  • Kash(Ablilities:Use JW Acess Panels,Hack Computer Terminals)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex(Black)(Size:Large,Ablilities:Roar,Bite,Stomp,Head Swing,Ram)
  • Brandon(Ablilities:None)
  • Baby Bumpy(Ablilities:None)
  • Adult Bumpy(Ablilities:Tail Swing,Roll,Roar)
  • Ben(Ablilities:None)
  • Mae(Ablilities:Hack Computer Terminals)
  • Dave(Ablilities:None)
  • Dawson(Ablilities:None)
  • Sammy(Ablilities:None)
  • Baryonyx(Limbo)(Ablilities:Roar,Bite)
  • Baryonyx(Chaos)(Ablilities:Roar,Bite)
  • Baryonyx(Grim)(Ablilities:Bite,Roar)

New Dinosaurs

  • Scorpios Rex(Size:Meduim,Ablilities:Roar,Pounce,Bite,Slash)
  • Ceratosaurus(Size:Meduim,Ablilities:Roar,Bite,Stomp,Head Swing)
  • Ouranosaurus(Size:Large,Ablilities:None)
  • Parasaurolophus lux(Size:Large,Ablilities:None)
  • Smilodon(Size:Small,Ablilities:Pounce,Bite,Roar,Growl)
  • Spinoceratops(Size:Small,Ablilities:Charge,Roar)
  • Kentrosaurus(Size:Large,Ablilities:Roar,Tail Swing)
  • Monolophosaurus(Size:Meduim.Ablilities:Roar,Bite)


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous follows the adventures of six teenagers who are chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a state of the art adventure camp on the opposite side of Isla Nublar: Camp Cretaceous.

However, once the events of Jurassic World occur and the dinosaurs get loose, the teens find themselves stranded. Cut off from the outside world, the six have to rely on each other to survive.


There are no levels but you can pause the game.


  • All episodes of every season is included
  • If a robot malfunctions/is destroyed or "defeated" that does not count as a death
  • The gameplay is when a character/characters are exploring,driving a Gryosphere,in a stampede,running from a dinosaur(which is a chase sequence),looking for something/someone.

Differences from the Netfilx show

Season 1

  • Toro's scar does not appear
  • The staff tell the campers everything about the Indominus Rex
  • The Indominus does not kill the 2 staff members,instead they manage to escape via helicopter
  • Eddie is not killed by the Indominus,instead when the Indominus arrives,he drives away before the hybrid can do anything
  • Toro does not recieve any burn scars

Season 2

  • The Baryonyx that Sammy and Darius encounter is not hungry and is actually asleep but wakes up when the other Baryonyx arrives
  • The herbivores are seen escaping from the carnivores in Ep 2
  • When Toro falls off the cliff,he is seen suriving the fall and growls
  • Hap is not killed by the Baryonyx trio,instead a helicopter rescues Hap just in time
  • the Sinoceratops head is replaced with a Sinoceratops toy
  • Grim is not killed by Tiff,instead he is hurt too much but Rexy's roar scares Tiff and Mitch
  • No dinosaurs are killed by Mitch or Tiff,instead the dinos are hurt a lot but all the dinosaurs are seen recovering
  • When Rexy arrives in "Chaos Theory",an Ankylosaurus fights her and knocks her unconscius,allowing the herbivores to escape.Rexy later gets up and roars at the Gryosphere before leaving.
  • Mitch is not killed by Rexy,instead Rexy bites him and throws him onto a Triceratops,which runs around and tosses Mitch into the Lagoon,where the Mosasaurus swallows Mitch
  • Chaos,Limbo and Grim attack Tiff.
  • Tiff is not killed,instead Grim uses a machine to shove her into the mouth of the Mosasaurus
  • When E750 roars,the compies run away

Season 3

  • The Ceratosaurus is not killed by the Scorpios Rex,instead it fights the hybrid,knocks it unconscius and leaves
  • No dinosaurs are killed by the Scorpios Rex,every time the hybrid is about to kill a dino,a Trike knocks it unconscius and the dinos escape
  • The Scorpios Rexes are not killed,in fact the VS does not fall,instead,a security team captures the hybrids and leave

Season 4

  • The BRAD does not attack the Compy,instead it just walks away
  • Little Eatie does not refuse to eat at any point(in the last episode,she is renunited with Big Eatie)
  • The Smiloon is not killed by the Spinosaurus,instead it is dropped.The Smilodon jumps on Spino and claws and bites but Spinosaurus bites it and throws it away.The mammal is still alive because it blinks wen it landed.
  • In "Who's the Boss?" Rexy,the Spinosaurus,a Triceratops,Rebel,Angel,a Ankylosaurus,Blue and a Dilophosaurus destroy all the BRAD acess panels in after Kenji's dad is identified,causing every BRAD to explode and ending Kash's control over the dinosaurs.Kash tries to remember how to create robots but all his important stuff was destroyed,making sure that no robots are on any cannon island again
  • The Ceratosaurus destroys the BRAD and leaves

When each dino is unlocked

If done correctly,Smilodon and Spinoceratops are unlocked during the Spinosaurus' first chase sequence

If done correctly,Monolophosaurus is unlocked during the gameplay exploring Toro's paddock

If done correctly,Scorpios Rex,Ouranosaurus,Parasaurolophus lux,Ceratosaurus and Kentrosaurus are unlocked during the Parasaaurolophus lux stampede