Episode 1/17: Stranded on Isla Nublar;

The campers are now stranded on the island once again, and the campers visit Kenji's penthouse to find a new home, only to find a new dino has taken it over.

Episode 2/18: A Brachiosaur Rescue;

Yaz, Sammy, and Brooklyn go to main street, only to find a baby brachiosaurus stranded from it's family. While Sammy and Brooklyn comfort the dino, yaz searches for it's parents, only to realize she's being chased by a mysterious creature

Episode 3/19; The Jurassic World Gondalas; now that main street is once again out of the question for a home, the campers search for a new home, specifically one near the former gondala attraction, but some Dimorphodons have nested; Brooklyn and yaz discover the hard way that they are in the nesting area of the Dimorphodons; Kenji and sammy become trapped in the gondala as the T.Rex passes by; Darius and Ben adventure, only to find a more agressive Blue.

To Be Continued

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