The Indominus Rex is fighting Rexy.The Indominus claws Rexy and bites her.Rexy bites the Indominus Rex's neck and slams her against a building,killing her.Rexy stares at the Indominus' corspe and roars in victory.Later,a male Giganotosaurus is fighting a Spinosaurus that recently killed a T-Rex.The Spinosaurus bites the Giganotosaurus and claws him.The Giganotosaurus rams the Spinosaurus and bites a chunk off the tall spine on it's back.The Spinosaurus bites the Giganotosaurus.The Giganotosaurus bites the Spinosaurus' neck but doesn't let go.The Giganotosaurus twists the Spinosaurus' neck with his jaws,killing the Spinosaurus instantly.The Giganotosaurus roars in victory and looks for a challenge.Ten hours later,Rexy and the Giganotosaurus met(I'll call the Giganotosaurus ''Giga'' from now on).

Dinosaur Battle!


Rexy charges at Giga and bites his neck.Giga knocks Rexy to the a tree and bites her neck.Rexy rams her bigger opponent.Giga slams Rexy against a tree.Rexy bites Giga.Giga and Rexy tail-swipe and bite each other.Giga bites Rexy's neck and slams her against a huge rock.Rexy knocks Giga down but Giga gets back up and bites Rexy's jaw.Compies and a Parasurolophus run away as Rexy and Giga roar.Owen orders the raptors Blue,Echo,Delta and Charlie to stop the fight between Rexy and Giga.Blue and Echo attack Rexy.Delta and Charlie attack Giga.Giga bites Charlie and sinks his teeth deep into Charlie's flesh,killing her.Delta claws and bites Giga,trying to avenge Charlie but Giga bites Delta,drops her and crushes her to pieces with his foot.Rexy bites Echo and throws her into a tree.Echo is impaled on a sharp branch.Blue claws and bites Rexy,trying to avenge the other raptors.Rexy bites Blue in half.Giga eats Owen.Rexy bites Giga and rams him.Giga roars.Rexy smacks Giga with her tail.Giga claws Rexy and bites her.Rexy uses her superior speed charges the Giga,ramming him in the chest. Stunned Giga grapples the Rexy like she was a toy, and they began pushing at each other.Rexy was suprisingly strong due to the fact that in each arm she could lift 400lbs. Then the Giga slamed Rexy, pushing her down.Rexy bites Giga.Giga rams Rexy.Rexy roars.Giga bites Rexy's neck but doesn't let go.Giga twists Rexy's neck with his jaws,killing her instantly.

Giganotosaurus Taiga.jpg

Giga feasts on the corspes of Rexy,Blue,Echo,Delta,Charlie,the Spinosaurus,the Indominus Rex and the T-Rex that was killed by the Spinosaurus.

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