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    From what I can think of

    Archaeoornithomimus: dolphin, horse

    Charcharodontosaurus: tiger, elephant

    Chasmosaurus: bear

    Diplodocus: probably bowhead whale

    Dracorex: probably pig

    Gallimimus: pigeon, horse

    Giganotosaurus: probably elephant

    Iguanodon: cow

    Majungasaurus: rhino, elephant

    Metriacanthosaurus: pig, elephant

    Nodosaurus: boar

    Pentaceratops: moose, walrus

    Spinoraptor: probably Komodo dragon

    Stegoceratops: sea lion

    Struthiomimus: panda

    Suchomimus: probably human or bobcat

    Tsintaosaurus: probably elephant

    Can anyone think of what the rest of the sounds were used for them?

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