From what I can think of

Archaeornithomimus: dolphin, horse

Charcarodontosaurus: tiger, elephant

Chasmosaurus: bear

Diplodocus: whale

Dracorex: pig

Edmontosaurus: water jug, antelope

Gallimimus: pigeon, horse

Giganotosaurus: elephant

Gigantspinosaurus: hyaena, sea lion

Iguanodon: cow

Maiasaura: water jug

Majungasaurus: rhino, elephant

Metriacanthosaurus: pig

Nodosaurus: boar

Pentaceratops: moose, walrus

Sauropelta: hippo, antelope

Stegoceratops: sea lion

Struthiomimus: panda

Suchomimus: either human or bobcat

Torosaurus: walrus

Tsintaosaurus: probably elephant

Can anyone think of what the rest of the sounds were used for them?

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