Hello guys and Today i am Going to Dicuss about InGen's Hybrid's like the Indominus rex ,Unidentified Pachycephalosaur Hybrid and the Indoraptor where i would be talking about them and how many are cloned and the possibe one's cloned for Jurassic World not just the Indominus rex.

Indominus rex

The  Indominus rex is noted to be InGen first Cloned hybird with at Two being Know to be Cloned the older Sibling also was shown to Kill it Sibling.

Later in 2015 the surving Indominus rex was  kept in a paddock why it's main enclosure was getting built at this time the Indominus rex was stated to be a juvenile where of which this Indominus rex esacped into the park which let to the fall of Jurassic World where this I rex killed many Dinosaurs and humans until it was killed by the effort of Blue,Rexy and Mosasaurus. but the following year a group of Mercenaries were sent too get a DNA smaple of the I rex to use in the creation of the Indoraptor and after the dinosaur being set free from the Manor the I rex rip was destroyed by Rexy which Let to the full Exinction and no hope for the I rex and Indoraptor species.


The Stegoceratops is another Hybird which could have been cloned for Jurassic World it is unkown if any are cloned but is hinted at due to being on a computer screen.

After the Fall of Jurassic World Stegoceratops Could have lived on the all the way too the Eruption of Mt. Sibo where they would go extinct or they Could have died off before that.

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