Queen Armada

aka Feroz Y Khan

  • I live in Durham Region
  • My occupation is outpatient
  • I am transwomen
  • Queen Armada

    Jurassic Ontario

    January 12, 2014 by Queen Armada

    I was thinking for a habitat for dinosaurs if cloned from fossils.They use chemical to get it back to organic.And areas they could use as habitats were areas with forests in each region.Dinosaurs could flurish and live there with fields to keep them in area and manmade barriers.New Jurassic park.Jurassic Peel Region and use its farm and forests.Jurassic Ontario.Many areeas in Ontario where dinosaur fossils are underground and escavated by highway crews and building makers,housing and development stumble onto fossils.They dig deep and there are natural areas of water to the dinosaurs.Lots of vegatation for the planteaters.No one is using any of it.Lots of creeks and rivers,bodies of water.Weather is excellent and hot in summer.they get a bl…

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  • Queen Armada

    Jurassic Water

    June 29, 2012 by Queen Armada

    Jurassic Park would be really great if they would make an underwater Jurassic Park.To show underwater Tylosaurus.Underwater predators using submarines and underwater facility built bottom and to use a ladder to go down under to underground facility for water Jurassic.Cave tunnels redesigned with domes.And from the shores.We magnify and look at the shores area.From the shores a marina and ships.And then docks and boardwalks and artificial islands.And they go tunnels under sea.And having more underwater parks environments.Feeding.Living as a zoo underwater.Rivers.Docking ports for subs.Mini subs.Network of facility and harborfront.Giant fences and coral and pen.Water Jurassic Park. Add s…

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  • Queen Armada

    Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones or a new character for Jurassic Park would steal the show and teach us about dinosaurs.There is alot on dinosaurs on Primeval and is an Archeologist .He would be massively interested in Archeology and its real and he gets better.He would be a new character for Jurassic Park and he needs a chance in and I am giving it to him.He would be a main character and put action and could improvise with Dr.Jones.Action to get away from the dinosaurs and to observe more of them and make a great movie.If this is archeology and he would be bored from Resident Evil 5's Indiana Jones and pyramid civilizations to action of Jurassic and dinosaurs.Discovery Channel also and co-operation with Jurassic Park.They need to collect th…

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