I LOVE Jurassic World, and the Indominus Rex is sorta cool, but I like Indoraptor way better. So, I made an Indoraptor pack. Comment down below if I should make a fan fiction about this.

Ripper: First Indoraptor, Black with yellow stripe, alpha. Ash: Second Indoraptor, Red with black stripe, beta. Stella: Third Indoraptor, White with blue stripe, subordinate. Aslas: Fourth Indoraptor, Green with red stripe, omega. (Borrowed these classes from WhenBooksFly101 on Wattpad. Check her out, and read her book “Why So Blue” if you like dinosaurs and fighting and that kind of stuff.) (If not, why are you on this Wiki?)

So, if you think I SHOULD make a fan-fic, leave a comment down below, and maybe I can add some of your OC’s. Also plz comment any ideas for the story... I’m running out!

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