Jurassic Park Wiki

We all know that Indoraptor was a military investment made for America. While the indoraptor we saw in the movie was still a prototype, it had nothing to do with what it should have been. blue was necessary for the project to be successful, but the project could not be implemented because trex blood was mixed with the blood of the blue (remember here). We don't know if it will remain as such, but we guessed that different types of indoraptors would be produced, for example: separately for the cold environment, separately for the desert, separately for the forests, etc. In this project, blue would train the indoes. NOW, has the project become impossible... even though many people say it can't be continued anymore, I have a logical theory: how can indoraptor be made again?

Method 1: The term used to make dinosaurs is DNA, not blood! and since DNA is not only in blood, any sample from blue can produce new indoraptors

Method 2: Let's say the 1st method didn't work, so if we need blood, they can decompose it as it is done to hybrids, that is, they take the blood, separate the blood of rex and blue and use the blood of blue, just as it is done to DNA.

method 3: as it is known, jurassic world has an amusement park and as we see and know from here, there are raptors of the upper generation of blue, these are SIERRA, TANGO and BRAVO. there was a cannibalism in this gene and only sierra is alive, but the important thing is that with the right training, cannibalism can be suppressed and the new indoraptor race comes from sierra so it happens again

It's not impossible, but we don't know, thank you for taking the time to read.