The Velociraptor Paddock (or Velociraptor Valley in the novels) was an area on Isla Nublar enclosed with an electric fence that housed Velociraptors.

Novel canon

In the Safari Lodge, Alan Grant watches real-time recordings from all the dinosaur paddocks. One of the paddocks is called Velociraptor Valley. The Velociraptor Paddock is not connected to the tour roads.

InGen had transported 8 Velociraptors into the paddock. However, the raptor had reproduced and the smaller young could escape the paddock.

Movie canon

Raptor Paddock on screen

"Raptor Paddock" on computer screen.

During the events of Jurassic Park all raptors are kept in a small pen near the Visitor Center. However, things that Robert Muldoon says hints that the raptors weren't always kept in this pen, nor that it is their permanent place now:

"Fifty, sixty miles per hour if they ever got out in the open. She's the reason we have to feed 'em like this. She had them all attacking the fences when the feeders came."

At a later moment, a computer screen shows that the electric fences fall off. The computer screen shows the position of a "Raptor Paddock." The enclosure in the movie is narrow than most other enclosures. The Paddock is surrounded by the other paddocks.

InGen had transported 8 raptors into the paddock. The Big One caused a lot of trouble and killed 6 weaker raptors. Furthermore, she had the other two raptors attack the paddock's fences when the feeders came. Thus, the raptors had to be captured and transported into the pen and fed from above with a crane.

In the nest scene, Alan Grant and the children discover a dinosaur nest at a tree trunk. Some fans think this scene took place in the Raptor Paddock and that it is a raptor's nest. This can be highly supported by shape of the babies tracks leaving the nest.


See the little tracks?

The raptors from Jurassic Park: The Game weren't kept in the "Raptor Paddock." Sorkin writes that they were kept in the Southern quarantine pens.[1]


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