The Village is a small settlement on novel version of Isla Sorna and used to accommodate workers of InGen. It is also the location of a large laboratory.

The Lost World


Map of the Village and Lab Compound from the "The Lost World" map.

In the novel The Lost World a large settlement is located in the northeast corner of Isla Sorna. The description tells that the entrance to the area has the remains of what was once a guard-house. The Manufacturing Plant, described by Eddie Carr to be at least two football fields in size, with the loading dock on the far end having caved in on itself. Ian Malcolm suggests the possibility of an Apatosaurus having fallen on the structure. Investigating the interior, Malcolm, Eddie, and Doc Thorne come across many of the doors locked, a few of the unlocked ones holdings materials such as a map of the island with pins strategically placed in a pentagonal pattern, a board room with animal dropping on its table, and an office with the papers strewn about and browning. Finally coming upon the factory floor, Malcolm notes that the area shows incredible cleanliness, with little dust or greenery which plagues the rest of the compound, and the machines appearing as if they were still in operational condition.

Behind the Facility, Eddie finds a large bunker housing a geothermal power plant, which miraculously, is still operating despite the lack of maintenance in the past few years. The only signs of its age is the sulfer forming on the piping. It is here that Eddie discovers that Isla Sorna still has power in its electrical grid.

Other areas include the Housing Quarters, which is described as a double row of shacks akin to slave quarters of old Southern United States plantations, and a gas station with convenience store. The Gas station and convenience store is the location of the Novel's finale. The survivors on Isla Sorna have hunkered down there for the night in order to escape the Velociraptors. However, they failed to realize that in the night the area becomes the territory of Carnotaurus. The area is described as a simple wood shack with brick bak wall. The front contains two pumps, both dry and the back holds several drums, empty as well. Located behind the convenience store are tennis courts and an emptied swimming pool, both covered in overgrowth. Running beneath the Convenience Store is a network of tunnels that run beneath the island. Two of the known destinations for the tunnels are the Production Facility and a Boat House, which is located at the other end of the island from the Workers Village.

Video Games

The novel version of the village can be seen in The Lost World PS game.

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