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Vivian Krill[2] was a Jurassic World employee. She worked in the control room, along with Lowery Cruthers. Seven years after the fall of Jurassic World, she was employed as a CIA agent.


Jurassic World Incident[]

Vivian Krill was working in the control room of Jurassic World before and partway through the incident. She monitored the park along with Lowery and was on good terms with him. When assets manager Claire Dearing asked her why the West Plains were closed, Vivian told her that it was due to another Pachycephalosaurus that had broken loose and, when Claire expressed annoyance at the failure of the invisible fences for the second time that month, Vivian explained that the dinosaurs shorted out their implants when they butted heads.

She was later talking to Lowery when they were called by Claire, who demanded the current coordinates of the Indominus rex. Lowery, confused, obeyed and they were both stunned and horrified to see that it was still in its paddock according to the implant and that there were people inside. Vivian frantically warned them to flee, but her warning came too late and she listened in horror as the Indominus killed and ate a worker and broke down the doors of the paddock. She attempted to alert the entire park about a dinosaur being on the loose, but was stopped by Simon Masrani, who believed the Asset Containment Unit could quietly contain the threat. Asset Containment proved ineffective and the majority of them were slaughtered by the creature. During Owen Grady's rant, Vivian exchanged a significant glance with Lowery before putting the park on alert on Claire's orders. She later went with Masrani as he prepared to pilot his personal helicopter, fitted with a heavy machine gun, to deal with the creature, despite her worried protestations.

Upon witnessing Masrani's death when his helicopter was attacked by Pteranodons, she reported the breach in the Aviary while crying in shock. When Vic Hoskins took control, she and Lowery stayed in the control room while the other personnel were "relieved of duty" by InGen. After Hoskins' plan of using Owen's Velociraptors to stop the Indominus failed, Vivian chooses to evacuate while Lowery decided to stay behind. When he attempted to kiss her, she awkwardly told him that she had a boyfriend, but gave him a hug before departing.[3]

Working for the CIA[]

Vivian Krill

Vivian's CIA recruitment profile

Following the destruction of Jurassic World and the 2018 Dinosaur Outbreak, Vivian got recruited into the CIA's Dangerous Species Division along with a number of other former Jurassic World employees. While bringing up Barry Sembène's information on his tablet, Franklin Webb paged past Vivian's picture.[4]



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