In the chapter When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth the endorsement team visits the Visitor Center just before their tour of Jurassic Park and the Murphy children arrive on Isla Nublar.


While inside the Visitor Center, Donald Gennaro asks if Isla Nublar was safe visitors and that the dinosaurs were properly contained. He sites the Procompsognathus specimen that Dr. Alan Grant identified, reports of Procompsognathus attacks in March, and how the infant mortality rate of Costa Rica alternates from low to high bi-weekly since May-July as why he is concerned about Jurassic Park's safety. Dr. Ian Malcolm responds to Donald Gennaro's discourse saying that some of the dinosaurs might be escaping, but he disagrees that they are the cause of the high mortality rate among infants in Costa Rica because it is a nonlinear signature and that to get such a high rate that it would take hundreds of escaped dinosaurs when he only believes that a few have escaped.

Ian suggests that the cause is most likely other causes, such as a new strain of Influenza. Donald then asks why Dr. Malcolm why he believes dinosaurs would be escaping the island. He states that none can duplicate and isolate a natural ecosystem, considering it impossible. John Hammond gets infuriated with Dr. Ian Malcolm's claims to the point he departs from the room he was in. Ian continues to speak on how dangerous it is to control nature until what is believed to be the helicopter containing the Procompsognathus specimen for Dr. Alan Grant lands on island.

However, it turns out to be the helicopter actually contains Hammond's grandchildren Tim and Lex Murphy who are going to spend the weekend on Isla Nublar due to their parents getting a divorce. Donald Gennaro argues with John Hammond warning him that his park's safety is still questionable, but Hammond insists that Jurassic Park is safe for them.

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