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Wigi was an Italian smuggler seen in the dinosaur illegal market in Malta in Jurassic World: Dominion.


Jurassic World: Dominion[]

Wigi approaches Kayla Watts at the Malta market to ship dinosaurs to Palermo. He offers her 2,000, and she accepts it.

In an extended scene, he approaches her for the same reason above. He looks at her Lystrosaurus, named Leonard, and states it's a "very rare" dinosaur. He offers her 2,000 euros for it, but she refuses and offers it for 8,000 and says, "He may be ugly, but he's got spirit." She then asks him what he's going to do with him, and he answers why she cares now that he owns him.[1] Afterwards, the scene cuts to the fighting pit scene, where the Lystrosaurus fights against an Oviraptor and beheads it.[2][1] He was later killed by an Allosaurus which was freed alongside a Carnotaurus.



  • According to the junior novelization, Wigi was going to ship a Elmisaurus, but this was cut from the film.[2]


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