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Wyatt Huntley is an undercover intelligence agent that appears in Jurassic World: Dominion. He was an undercover agent working for CIA and Barry Sembène, having infiltrated Rainn Delacourt's gang, serving as his right-hand man.



Jurassic World: Dominion[]

In an extended scene, after Owen, Shep, and Rosa captured a Parasaurolophus, Rainn, Wyatt and co. confront Owen and co. while the latter are herding the dinosaur. Delacourt threateningly tells Owen he's illegally poaching, Delacourt claims he works for the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). Owen says he's lying, as the people with him, Rosa and Shep, have gold badges of the DFW, and they say they don't recognise Delacourt as a new recruit. Some more threats, such as Owen/Delacourt talking about the "going rate for a Parasaur", eventually there's a gun confrontation between Owen & co. + Delacourt & co., Owen realizes he's outnumbered, and lets Delacourt poach the Parasaur. Shep says he's never seen Owen back down from a fight, Owen says he has obligations.

Some time later, Wyatt and Delacourt's gang kidnapped Beta, Blue's offspring, and Maisie Lockwood to deliver them at Biosyn's facility in the Dolomites Mountains in Italy.

Wyatt went to Malta with Rainn Delacourt to exchange money for Santos' cargo, a Atrociraptor pack, in order to ship them abroad to Riyadh. During the exchange, however, a squad of French Intelligence Agents, including Barry Sembène, along with Owen Grady and Wyatt, ambushed the exchange and chased down the truck, eventually knocking it off the road and causing it to slam part way through a wall and send the Atrociraptors cages flying.

As Wyatt, Barry and the other two agents surround the truck and its cargo, Santos ordered the driver to release the Atrociraptors, which are then triggered to attack Wyatt, Barry and the other two agents. It is unknown if Wyatt survived or not.