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Yasmina Fadoula,[1] nicknamed Yaz,[2] is one of the main characters in the Netflix series, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Her character is voiced by Kausar Mohammed.


Yasmina is a track star that has won several medals. However, due to constant training, she has not had the time to have fun or really make friends.

Camp Cretaceous

Season 1

"Camp Cretaceous"

In the winter of 2015, Yaz was invited to participate in the Camp Cretaceous

Yaz arrived at Isla Nublar at the Ferry Landing along with the other campers, and is greeted by Dave and Roxie. After the initial introductions, the campers are taken to Camp Cretaceous by their counselors, only stopping briefly when the counselors attempt to retrieve an escaped Compsognathus. Upon arrival at camp, they are given a brief description of the camp rules, before they have a chance to unpack. That afternoon, all the campers, including Yasmina, get a chance to zipline over the herd of dinosaurs in Gyrosphere Valley.


The next day, campers visit the Field Genetics Laboratory, where they are given a tour of the facilities, including a dinosaur nursery. Yasmina is present at Bumpy's birth, however she along with the rest of the group are abruptly kicked out by Dr. Henry Wu in retaliation for Brooklynn's invasion of his office and the group returns to camp.

"The Cattle Drive"

That night, Yaz is among the group listening to stories of campfires from Darius, though she is drawing with her notebook before the rain forces them inside. Sammy tries to connect with Yasmina to become friends, but Yaz chooses to walk away instead of interacting with her. The next morning, campers are taken to Gyrosphere Valley to ride the Gyrosphere alongside the herd of dinosaurs that will be herded into new pastures by park staff. Yasmina is paired with Sammy in her Gyrosphere, much to her dismay. Initially, Yaz continues to resist Sammy's attempts to get closer, even when they travel together. However, the counselors interrupted the activity due to the approaching storm and went out to warn the other employees while the group stayed in their Gyrospheres. Initially planning to stay put, Yaz and Sammy end up trying to help the others bring a Sinoceratops back to the herd.

However, the group accidentally causes the herd to stampede, and Yaz and Sammy are separated from the others after accidentally catching their sphere. Thinking quickly, the girls manage to create a ramp by which they can quickly exit the enclosed area, quickly reuniting with Ben and Kenji soon after. Discovering that Brooklynn and Darius are trapped in a sinkhole, the group tries to get them out, but they only succeed with the help of the Sinoceratops. Later that night, as the group prepares for bed, Yasmina apologizes to Sammy for her earlier behavior and reveals her secret hobby of drawing sketches of dinosaurs in her notebook and becoming friends.

"Things Fall Apart"

The next morning, the campers are left alone by their counselors, as they head to the main park in an attempt to contact Claire Dearing regarding the recent incidents. As the campers wait, Brooklynn confronts the group and accuses Sammy of stealing her phone, but Yaz steps in to defend her. The group is distracted by the sound of an approaching dinosaur and they decide to head to the observation tower to see where the roar is coming from. The campers successfully enter the tower and climb it, seemingly relieved to see that the noise is just a Brachiosaurus.

Just then, two employees emerge from the jungle and alert the children to come down. Initially refusing, the children watch in horror as the Indominus Rex ambushes and kills the two men. When the hybrid attacks the tower, the group attempts to use the zip line to escape, though the emergency brake goes off, leaving some members of the group stranded in the middle. Darius grabs hold of Yaz to create enough momentum to force the other campers along the zip line, just as the tower is broken by the Indominus, and they fall to the ground.

The campers wake up after being briefly disoriented and run to the camp, only to find that it has been destroyed. Yaz finds a radio in the rubble, but after an initial attempt at communication, he realizes that they are alone. After some deliberation, the group decides to head towards the main area of ​​the park to seek help.

"Happy Birthday, Eddie!"

The group continues to walk along with Bumpy, with the new goal of going to the Genetics Field Laboratory to find shelter, using a van they discovered to get there. However, they are soon ambushed again by the Indominus, forcing the group to escape in the van, losing it near the lab. As the group enters the lab, they run into a scientist, Eddie, who quickly abandons them and attempts to escape using his truck. Yaz chases after him, but is tripped by Bumpy while trying to reach the vehicle and the Indominus suddenly appears, attacks and quickly kills Eddie. The hybrid stalks the group as they try to get to the van. As they escape, Yaz takes over driving the truck, but is distracted by evidence of Sammy's betrayal when he saw that he had actually stolen Brooklynn's phone, causing the truck to crash into a rock.

"Welcome to Jurassic World"

After the group recovers, Yaz storms out, furious that she defended Sammy when she was lying to him the whole time. But she doesn't accept Sammy's apology when she confessed to being a Mantah Corp spy, and before the group can decide what to do, they witness Masrani's helicopter chasing the Indominus, before it breaches the aviary. The Pteranodons escape, crash the helicopter, and proceed to chase the group. The kids run to the safety of the Kayak River, as they decide to go paddling to the main park.

As they paddle into the underground cave, Yaz argues with Ben about Bumpy, but they are interrupted by Parasaurolphus, who has become agitated by Bumpy's screams before abruptly running away. The group is then sucked into a side tunnel by a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaur Lagoon. The Mosasaur begins to surround them, even as the children quickly paddle to safety. Realizing that the Mosasaur will catch up with Darius and Sammy, Yaz navigates to a central platform and uses an oar to distract her from them. She manages to narrowly escape as Kenji helps her escape using the power chain, not before the tablet falls into the water, when Yaz narrowly escapes the dinosaur she lands in the stands but hurts her ankle. Later, Yaz again rejects Sammy's attempts at apology.

"Last Day of Camp"

When the group hears the sirens, they try to get to the evacuation ferry that leaves in two hours and therefore decide to use the monorail to get there. As they approach the monorail, they are intercepted by Toro, who chases after them. Yaz narrowly avoids being attacked by the Carnotaurus, as Darius rescues her from the stairs and helps her to safety. Yaz celebrates with the group as they think they are going home, however their joy is cut short as the Pteranodons proceed to attack the monorail. Yaz helps the group try to turn off the lights to prevent an attack, and then they use the flashlights to distract Ben's Pteranodons into diverting the monorail to prevent it from crashing. She sees Ben fall off the monorail, but is unable to stop him.

"End of the Line"

When Ben fell off the monorail Yaz laments, seeing the monorail return she and the rest of the group jump off the monorail and land in the jungle. Yaz is injured from her fall, unable to go any further without help, causing the group to try to use the maintenance tunnels to get to the ferry in time. Finding a dinosaur prod in the tunnels, they use it as a staff for Yaz. The group runs into some obstacles and a group of Compies, before Toro ambushes them again. The group manage to evade her for a short time, until they reach a sealed part of the tunnel that was previously the exit. They decide to open the boxes and try to fill the Carnotaurus

Yaz uses his dinosaur prod to light a fuse in a box in an attempt to light up compressed air tanks. The dinosaur attacks the box, sending the tanks flying everywhere and starting fires. As the group evades each attack, Darius causes an explosion, eventually injuring the Carnotaur and opening the tunnel, allowing the boys to exit. When they arrive at the ferry landing, they find that the evacuation has already taken place, but then decide to stay together to wait for their rescue.

Season 2

"A Beacon of Hope"

Yasmina is partly carried by Brooklynn and Sammy Gutierrez due to her injury, fleeing from pursuing dinosaurs. Everyone eventually reaches Main Street in search of food and communication, and Yasmina takes the first watch that night. She notices Darius Bowman having a nightmare and wakes him, then suggests he do something fun to clear his head, e.g. pushups. Darius prefers to read plaques, and doing so leads him to realize that a distress beacon is probably camouflaged somewhere on Main Street. She helps monitor Rexy the T-Rex while Darius enters its lair to reach the beacon, and then flees with everyone else after Darius activates the beacon.

"The Art of Chill"

Still injured, Yaz is left behind at their new base to rest under the care of Kenji Kon, which she at first detests. Disgusted by Kenji's laziness, Yaz continues to push her limits by trying to sift through the rubble, using a makeshift crutch. This forces Kenji to come after her and attempt to stop her, but she rattles off her athletic medals as a way of conveying her refusal to give up under any circumstance. Not having it, Kenji takes her crutch, but still she won't relent, and ends up hurting herself even further. Kenji then carries her back, and during the process makes her realize her own limitations. She then tries to get away from Kenji, but collapses and cries. He comforts her, assuring her that sometimes one must rely on others, then continues carrying her back to camp, now reconciled. When the others return, she draws a schematic of a tree house for their new base.

"The Watering Hole"

Her ankle healing, Yasmina is now up for a trip with Brooklynn and Sammy to investigate Brooklynn's strange frozen flowers. During their search, Yasmina talks with Sammy about high school and with Brooklynn about a show they all like, until eventually they arrive at a genetics lab. There, they search for clues until a Baryonyx group arrives, forcing them to flee back to camp. Yasmina helps Darius draw certain dinosaurs there, until everyone notices a campfire in the distance.


Yaz relax in the sun at Mitch and Tiffs camp.

Yaz runs to the fire with everyone else, and is saved by Hap, Mitch, and Tiff from a Ceratosaurus which tried to eat them en route. At their camp, Yaz luxuriates with everyone else, and sides against Brooklynn when Brooklynn gravely offends Darius, instead going with Mitch and Tiff to observe dinosaurs. However, something goes wrong at camp, and when Yaz returns she finds Hap, Brooklynn, and Kenji gone.


Yaz begins to suspect Mitch and Tiff, and decides to distract them while Darius snoops around, but Yaz ends up captured by Tiff and used as a hostage to force Darius to reveal the location of the watering hole. Eventually, Darius calls out to a dinosaur which charges them all and scatters them. In the chaos, Darius gives her a piece of paper and sends her running — she's the only one to escape. She then meets up with Brooklynn, Kenji, and Ben Pincus as well, who she fiercely hugs. The paper that Darius gave her turns out to be a map, with Main Street marked.

"Step One"

Everyone goes into the tunnels to try to reach Main Street in time to help Darius and Sammy, but they end up blocked by a gate. Yaz accompanies everyone deeper into the structure until they find a control center, but she's unable to significantly help. Kenji manages to restore the power, and eventually everyone figures out how to reactivate the hologram of a T-rex, which distracts Rexy long enough for Sammy and Darius to escape.

"Chaos Theory"

Yasmina is sent by Darius to drive away the dinosaurs from the watering hole, so she gets a car and drives out, blaring music and flashing lights to frighten the dinosaurs into a stampede. However, after driving them off her car breaks down, leaving her stranded when they start charging right back in fear of Rexy. Ben picks her up onto Bumpy, and at length they manage to escape from Rex and then regroup with everyone else at the docks. They have a huge group hug, which gets to be too much for Yaz, but she endures with good humor.

Season 3

"View from the Top"

Yasmina starts the season with the other campers on the makeshift raft they created in an attempt to escape the island, and when it gets caught in a wave she returns to camp with the others. The campers discuss their previous failed escape plans, including Yaz's plan to steal a helicopter and fly it off the island (which failed due to the fact none of them knew how to fly a helicopter). When Kenji suggests they go to Lookout Point to get hang gliders, she comes along as well. Yaz shares a gondola cabin with Brooklynn on the way up, something that both girls are very annoyed about. They get in an argument about which one of them had a harder childhood, somewhat coming to the conclusion that both of their childhoods were exploited for numbers, whether that be internet followers or track records. When they reach the top, Yaz leaves Brooklynn to go find a rock to smash the lock holding the hang gliders, instead finding a nest of Dimorphodon eggs. The Dimorphodons attack, and Yaz and Brooklynn escape on one of the hang gliders. The campers find Tiff and Mitch's yacht, and Yaz celebrates with them.

"Safe Harbor"

Yaz joins the other campers in swimming to the yacht. She takes part in a yacht party, and dives with Ben. Bumpy shows her affection, much to the dismay of Sammy. When the yacht is attacked, she joins her friends in trying to find supplies to patch the hole. When a pair of Ouranosaurus attack, she runs up onto a shipping container, then saves Kenji by throwing a crowbar at one of the dinosaurs. She reunites with the group and saves Sammy, and then continues to the boat before scaring away the dinosaurs with a firework. She reveals to Sammy that Bumpy likes her because she feeds him snacks that she carries around.

"Casa De Kenji"

Yaz goes with the other campers to Kenji's Dad's penthouse, briefly enjoying some snacks and water before the Monolophosaurus attack. She escapes down the hall with Sammy and Ben, then enters the vents. The group gets gas from the limos and gets sealant for the hole in the boat, before driving away in one, picking up Darius, Brooklynn, and Kenji on the way back.

"Clever Girl"

Yaz helps Darius attach the patch to the boat. While everyone is waiting for it to set, a Compsognathus steals a compass from the campers. Yaz, Darius, and Kenji run after it, finding themselves in front of the former Visitor Center. Yaz remarks that Jurassic Park is cursed and that John Hammond died there after breaking his ankle and being eaten by Compies (Darius corrects her by saying he died of natural causes and asks her where she heard that, and she replied "I read it somewhere"). She also says that she enjoys reading about theme park deaths. Once inside the center, she climbs the scaffolding to get the compass back, successfully retrieving it before a Velociraptor walks in the center. The three campers run from the raptor, accidentally trapping it under a car. At first she wants to leave it be, but after Darius says it will be eaten, she helps free it. Darius initially calms it down, but Kenji sets her off by throwing a coin at her, which leads to Yasmina, Darius and Kenji running off.

"Eye of the Storm"

Yaz is on a run when Darius leaves Kenji and Ben to pack. When she returns, Ben has left and Kenji is struggling to get anything done. Yaz gets Kenji to join her in looking for Ben, finding him in a field with Bumpy. She talks with him on the way back to camp, and when he tells her that it's unlikely any of the campers with stay friends after they get off the island, she begins to worry despite Kenji telling her they'll all stay in touch. Back at camp, they meet up with Darius, Sammy, and Brooklynn, who warn them of the Scorpius rex. Yaz is sent to go prepare the boat to leave, but she sees that the surf is too high to cast off and runs back to tell the group. Once she warns them, they decide to fortify the camp to prepare for the storm. While Yaz is building the wall, she gets into an argument with Sammy, telling her that they have nothing in common and won't stay friends. Sammy tries to tell her they will stay friends, but Yaz walks away before she can. After the argument, the Scorpius Rex roars in the distance, causing all the campers to hide in the treehouse. When the S. Rex charges the camp, she falls from the treehouse and hides until it leaves. After it's gone, she turns around to see Sammy collapsing from the quills of the S. Rex, and runs to help her.

"The Long Run"

Yaz sits by Sammy to try to calm her, pulling out the quills as Brooklynn advised. Brooklynn mentions an antidote in Dr. Wu's secret lab, and Yaz immediately asks her where the lab is so she can get the antidote. When warned about the S. Rex, she says that she doesn't care and will do what it takes to save Sammy's life. After nearly drowning on the way, she makes it to the lab, briefly running into the Scorpius but hiding. Once in the lab, she nearly gives up but finds the antidote and runs out. When she leaves the lab with the antidote she runs into the Scorpius once again, this time being right in its line of sight. She sprints away, but it catches up to her. Yasmina angrily goads it to eating her, before the explosion Darius and Ben set off distracts it. On the last stretch back from camp her ankle injury from season one flares up again, causing her to collapse onto the trail. She thinks about all the times Sammy has been kind to her, motivating her to continue on. She makes it to camp just as Sammy is getting worse, and administers the antidote. Yaz holds Sammy's hand and apologizes for what she said earlier, saying that they'll always be friends no matter how hard it is. When it appears that Sammy has died, the others are saddened, with Yasmina crying However, Sammy wakes up, Yaz smiles and starts crying in joy.

"A Shock to the System"

Yaz helps Sammy up after the Scorpius attack, supporting her while she can't hold herself up. The campers start to make their way to the boat when the storm breaks, but they lose Ben when he searches from Bumpy, then Darius when he tries to find Ben. The rest of the group carries on, Yaz being uncharacteristically encouraging and kind, confusing the rest of the group. Brooklynn and Kenji eventually pull her aside, concerned about how nice she's being. She explains that she wants to make Sammy feel relieved, and Sammy interrupts to say that it makes her feel worse. Before the group can talk any more, a herd of Parasaurolophus lux being chased by the Scorpius stampede right where they're talking, and they hide behind a log. Yaz forces Sammy to get up and run by calling her a slacker, and returns to her old personality. The group reaches the boat at dawn but find that Ben and Darius haven't returned. When they see the two S. rex's, they cast off and drive the boat out to sea.

"Escape from Isla Nublar"

Yaz heads back to the dock with the other campers on the boat, hoping that the S. Rex's have cleared out. The group fears that Darius and Ben died in the overturned limo, but they find footprints in the mud near the doors, proving that the boys are alive. They follow the footprints, leading to the site of a Brachiosaurus stampede. They find a baby Brachiosaur that got left behind, and Yaz joins Brooklynn and Sammy in petting it. Once it's been reunited with the herd, they continue on the trail of footprints. They find Darius and Ben at the Visitors Center and agree on their plan to tranquilize both of the Scorpius, but one of them attacks before they have the chance. They hide inside the center, and the second Scorpius and Blue the Velociraptor join the fight. Once the roof of the center collapses and kills the S. Rex's, the campers leave for the boat. On the dock, Ben says a final goodbye to the campers, and Yaz says that she'll miss him. When he comes back, she celebrates with the other campers.

"Whatever It Takes"

Yaz is celebrating Ben's return on the boat when the helicopters from the Indominus rex rib collection mission order the camper's boat back to shore. Before Yaz, Brooklynn, and Darius can get on the helicopter, Rexy attacks and forces it to leave early. Yaz and the other two who were left behind run away from Rexy, being chased all the way to Main Street, before the dinosaur gets distracted. They watch as the Mosasaurus eats a man trying to escape on a helicopter, then run to try to find their fellow campers. They watch Dr. Wu leave his helicopter and start walking to his lab in search for his laptop. Brooklynn wants to find the laptop and destroy it, but Yaz thinks they should let him have it and get themselves rescued. Eventually she agrees to come with them to the lab, and they make it before Dr. Wu. They sneak into the lab through the vents, getting the laptop but being caught by Wu's bodyguards. Yaz and Darius take the laptop and run per Brooklynn's request as Brooklynn is being kidnapped.

"Stay on Mission"

Yaz and Darius are running from Hawkes when they meet up with Sammy, Ben, and Kenji. They take the laptop back to camp to wipe it. While it's being wiped, Yaz takes a break to take a mental picture with Sammy and Darius. She discovers that while she was busy Kenji took the laptop to exchange for Brooklynn. The campers rush to find him, and meet him when he's giving the laptop to Wu. When Ben attacks with Bumpy, Yaz runs with Sammy to get the laptop. The girls throw it on the ground and it gets trampled by an Ankylosaurus. They run away with the other campers and narrowly avoid the helicopter that Hawkes is driving. Back on the boat, Yaz sits with Sammy as they cast off to Costa Rica, not knowing that something else seems to be on the boat with them.

Season 4

Beneath the Surface

Yaz is happy that they are heading back home. She shows Sammy a drawing she made of all 6 of them in their ferry ride over on day 1 and gives it to Sammy, much to the happiness of the latter. When the boat gets stuck in kelp, Yaz decides not to go in the water due to a shark movie that scared her for life, so Darius opts to go in instead. Yaz, Sammy and Ben tie a rope to Darius. Despite being tailed by the Mosasaurus and tie rope breaking, Yaz, Sammy and Ben successfully bring Darius back on with the assistance of Kenji. The six are then attacked by the Mosasaurus. Yaz tries to scare it off by hitting it with a paddle, but the Mosasaurus continues to attack. The Mosasaurus eventually destroys the boat, which leads to the campers being stranded on a new island. The six go into a cave to find shelter for the night.

At Least...

After Ben sees something shiny, a reluctant Yaz and the others head out to find what it is. The group wanders into a desert as a sandstorm begins to form. While Brooklynn and Kenji are separated in the process, Yaz and the others are able to find them after the storm ends. Unfortunately, they are all disappointed to learn that the shiny thing is just a metal rectangle. Later at night, the group wakes up and notices a saber-toothed tiger in a bush, but they manage to escape. The next morning, Yaz and the others find an invisible wall which opens to reveal a metal hallway, much to their shock.

Turning Dr. Turner

At the other end of the hallway, the group finds themselves in a forest. After avoiding two T-Rexes, they encounter Dr. Mae Turner, who is studying how dinosaurs interact with one another. They head to her place, but their experiences lead them to distrust her. When Brooklyn suggests they check out the place Mae told them not to go to, Yaz who notices that Kenji likes Brooklynn, suggests they go, but is persuaded by Brooklyn to come and Ben as well. While walking, Yaz keeps Ben distracted so Brooklynn and Kenji can be alone. They come across a BRAD, a robot that kills the Compy from the boat because it is an "unrecognized lifeform" on the island, Mae stops BRAD before it finds Yaz, Brooklynn, Kenji and Ben. Later, when Mae goes outside to monitor a mother dinosaur and a daughter dinosaurs', Darius and Sammy follow her, while Yaz stays back with the others. Still wanting to give Brooklynn and Kenji alone time, she tries to lure Ben away, but this attempt fails. Kenji, who knows what Yaz is doing. takes Yaz to the kitchen an asks her to stop. A BRAD then enters Mae's place, which causes the four to hide. While the BRAD finds Yaz and Ben and is about to kill them, they are saved by Kenji who destroys the BRAD.

Rude Awakening

Yaz has a dream of finding her journal outside. She opens it and sees a drawing of her mom, which causes her to remark that she misses her. However, she is then pursued by the Indominous rex, Toro, the Scorpios and a Ceratosaurus. Yaz wakes up from her nightmare startled. Mae asks if she is fine, and Yaz says she is fine. After Mae discovers that Mantah Corp is tampering with the food to make the dinosaurs more aggressive, everyone comes up with a plan to call the supply plane and get rid of the altered food, in order to get off the island and stop Mantah Corp. Yaz and Darius set off the time box in the T-rex area. The group is then pursued by the mother T-Rex Big Eatie, but the roar of the rex causes Yaz to freeze out of fear, but she is brought back by Kenji. The six are the pursued by BRADS, but manage to escape into a cold and snowy biome, where they encounter a wounded Kentrosaurus named Pierce. Despite wanting to catch the plane, the group agrees to help get Pierce out of this area, upon Darius's request. While they are attacked by a BRAD, a frightened Yaz successfully hits it into the water. After saving Pierce, the 6 campers run to the plane, but unfortunately arrive too late. Darius and Ben head back to Mae's, while Yaz breaks down to the others about her nightmares and desire to go home, with Yaz being comforted by Sammy, Brooklynn and Kenji.

The Long Game

Darius tells Mae that everyone will help, with even a reluctant Yaz agreeing. To help Yaz, Sammy takes Yaz back to Mae's place to rest. Yaz tells Sammy she does not remember how to sleep, but Sammy convinces her to think about what she misses to help her sleep. Yaz says she misses food she likes and her mom, and then falls asleep. The two however, wake up when they hear a man and a BRAD come in Mae's place. They hide under the bed and go unseen. Sammy recognizes the guy and tells Yaz, as the guy takes Mae's journal containing her research. After regrouping, Sammy reveals that the man is Kash who blackmailed her family into sending her to Jurassic World. When Yaz and the others attempt to dissuade her from confronting him, an angry Sammy decides to do so anyway and runs off. Fortunately, Yaz stops Sammy from confronting him, and tells Sammy that they are here to protect her. Wile Kash turns the BRADs against Mae and orders them to kill her, Yaz and the others save Mae. When a pack of Velociraptors surround them, with one injuring Mae, Yaz and the others are saved by Sammy using one of the damaged BRADs to injure and scare off the raptors. The 6 take Mae somewhere where they won't be seen.

Mission Critical

Yaz tries to help the others get Kash's phone so they can try to call for help. After Big Eatie and Pierce are lured to a place by the BRADs and Mantah Corp drones are are forced to fight, the six campers come up with a plan to lure Kash away, stop the fight, and get the phone. However, when Yaz suffers a panic attack after hearing Big Eatie and Pierce roar at each other, Darius decides to go and get the phone by himself. Yaz, Ben and Sammy cause an explosion, which causes an atert to pop up on Kash's monitor, which lures Kash and his BRAD out and allows Darius to go inside the compound, but Darius ends uo being caught by Kash.

Staying Alive

Yaz and the others wonder why Darius has not stopped to fight. Per Brookylnn's advise, Yaz and the other start destroying the drones with the hope of this stopping the fight, but Darius fortunately convinces Kash to stop the fight. After telling Mae, she advises them to use a platform to go to Med Bay. Despite being chased by a Spinosaurus and the Saber-toothed Tiger, Yaz and the others are inadvertently saved by the Spino killing the Smilodon, and then escape and head into the med bay. Despite reuniting with Darius, Darius ends up staying so he can act as a spy for the rest of the group.

Technical Difficulties

In order to communicate with Darius, Yaz and the group have Brooklynn reprogram a BRAD-X. Fortunately, the plan works and Yaz and the group are able to communicate with Darius.


The five head to the Medbay to save the younger dinosaurs with Darius's assistance. Feeling awkward about Kenji telling her he likes her, Brooklynn goes with Yaz and the two find a Spinoceratops. Yaz asks her about Kenji, and Brooklynn tells her how she feels about him. After running into Kenji and Sammy, Yaz suggests that Brooklynn and Kenji take the Spinoceratops that she and Brooklynn found. After noticing that Sammy is being really affectionate to the Spinoceratops she found (which she names Angel), a guilty Sammy says Angel and the other Spino who is Angel's brother are here because of the samples she took back on Jurassic World. Yaz comforts her by saying that most of the blame should go to Mantah Corp, and that Sammy can help her by getting her out. While the 5 and the baby dinos are attacked by a Ceratosaurus, they escape and head outside.

Taking Control

After Ben sees Kash inject a control chip in a Brachiosaurus he found, he tells Yaz and the others, and the five come up with a plan to trap Kash. Fortunately, the plan works and Kash is trapped. After Darius and Ben reunite with the group, Yaz and the others are happy. Yaz is amused when Ben names the Brachio Firecracker.

Who's the Boss?

While taking Rebel (Angel's brother whom Kenji and Brooklynn named) and Angel to the desert biome, Brooklynn tells Yaz and Sammy about her and Kenji, much to their (Sammy in particular) happiness. Brooklynn even thanks Yaz for pushing her. Unfortunately, the Spinosaurus chases them away. They go to the cold and snowy biome to drop off Angel and Rebel. While Yaz wants to leave. Sammy and Brooklynn don't want to at first. Yaz tried to pressure them to leaving which upsets them and they try to stop her, which leads to their snowmobile going into the ice cold water. Luckily, the three get out before it goes in. Brooklynn and Sammy voice their frustration to Yaz for not listening, and Yaz apologizes for her mistake. After some time, the three agree to head back, but are approached by what they believe to be Darius's BRAD-X who tells them that Pierce is in danger. They end up saving the Darius, Kenji, Ben, Mae and Pierce from a pack of Dilophosaurus by chasing them away with another snowmobile. When Kenji tells Brooklynn that he did not send the BRAD-X to them, Darius realizes that it is a trap, which angers Yaz. The six are approached by a group of BRAD-X's, Kash and the president of Mantah Corp. Yaz and the others are shocked to learn that the president is Kenji's dad.


In season 1, Yaz is sarcastic and gruff, as her training regimen has caused her to lead a disciplined and solitary life. Yasmina is an introvert and loves to draw in her free time. She can be very sensitive when it comes to trust and new friendships, finding difficulty to forgive Sammy for her actions. Yaz also isn't above showing grief as she did cry after Ben's supposed death. During her adventure to escape the Jurassic World incident alive along with her newfound friends, Yaz begins to develop a new sense of friendship and knows that she and her friends are on their own and that they will have to rely on each other to survive.

In season 2, Yaz is more friendly with the other campers, especially Sammy. She even hugs Ben, after learning that he is alive.

In season 3, Yaz has become closer friend with the other campers, which is first evidenced when she is willing to do a give me five with Brooklynn as they escape a pack of Dimorphodon via a hang glider. While she tells Sammy they won't be friends when they leave the island because they have nothing in common, she has a change of heart and realizes that Sammy is her true friend when she is trying to save Sammy, after the latter is poisoned by the Scorpius rex.

In season 4, Yaz develops PTSD due to her experiences with dinosaurs, which causes her to have nightmares and some breakdowns. After noticing that Kenji and Brooklynn like each other, she tries to get them together. At the end of the season, she is shocked to learn that Kenji's dad is the president of Mantah Corp.


Yaz has brown eyes, she wears a warm gray and gray jacket (still remains fully zipped up just like Brooklynn), underneath a purple and gray tank top, the right sleeve almost torn off. She has dark brown hair and tied up in a long ponytail. In the first episode of Season 1, she wears gray jeans later been replaced by sport shorts are dark gray, purple lines that shapes the letter "T" upside down and gray cuff (wears mostly during through the show) also has white socks, gray and purple shoes.

In the episode "Safe Harbor" Yasmina wears a one-piece swimsuit that is purple with pink stripes under the arms on both sides. This is reminiscent of her shorts which also had pink banding on them, along with pink stripes on both sides, creating the letter "T" upside down.


  • Yasmina's sponsor for athletic events was Jurassic World.
  • Her favorite color is black.
  • Her favorite food is pizza.
  • She took 8 years of diving lessons.
  • Yasmina is the first Middle Eastern character in the franchise.
  • Despite appearing on the shorter side, Yasmina is presumably the second oldest of the kids after Kenji. Plus, she knows how to drive a van, which indicates she may have her learners permit, thus further crediting this assumption.
  • She spends five hours a day in the gym to stay in top shape.
  • It is believed that she has been in track for as long as she had been taken diving lessons. If so, she started when she was 7, and continued doing it, favoring track over professional swimming.
  • Her track achievements include placing first at three state track championships, placing at nationals four times, and placing twice at the International World Track Competition (having won a medal every time). She also says that she competed in rain, sleet, and snow.
  • Yasmina's mother is briefly seen as a picture in season 4 during a dream. Yasmina says she misses her.

Behind the scenes

  • Her name was originally going to be Katie.






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