The Young T. rex Figure was one of the medium-sized dinosaurs in the JPS1 toy line. it is based on the juvenile T. rex from the Jurassic Park.

Overall look and detail

The Young T. rex is a part of a medium-sized dinosaur grade of the toy line, that includes the Triceratops and the Stegosaurus toys. Like them, the Young T. rex has a body that is made from a soft rubber and posses many textures and color schemes, likely to be done with a professional airbrush. Its limbs and teeth are harder than the rest of the body. Like his bigger counterpart, the Young T. rex has a very film-accurate sculpt, but its paintjob is actually more film-accurate, as it is a more brownish.

Articulation and Features

  • Slashing Jaws: If the player squeezes the neck of the toy, it's jaws will open wide and reveals it's sharp teeth.
  • Realistic Dinosaur Skin: The body of the toy is made from a rubbery material that allows the player to move the toy in many positions.
  • Arm articulation: The arms of the toy are a softer plastic and can be rotated to simulate a slashing claw attack
  • Dino-Damage Wound: The right side of the toy has a visible wound and a missing piece of flesh. so inside the box there is a piece of rubbery skin that can be put into there and cover the wound perfectly. the player can also take the wound again to simulate an attack.
  • Movie Collective Card: A card featuring a situation that includes the toy and some trivia information.


  • The reason for the young T. rex toy didn't appear in the film but was featured in the toy line is possibly because at the time, the larger T. rex was very expensive and couldn't be afforded by many collectors and fans. So a smaller, less expensive version was created as an alternative.
  • Several reissuings of this figure were released. First, it was repainted for the JPS2 toy line in a very different dark colour scheme, and also featured capture gear. Later on, it was repainted as a TLW exclusive figure and included the same capture gear as its JPS2 predecessor. It was again repainted with the same capture gear for the first JP Dinosaurs line. A second JPD repaint, for the second JPD line, may have been planned but was eventually scrapped.


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